Spotlight on GearUp Beneficiary: WayUp

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WayUp Sacramento (WayUp) is driving change at a community level in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. As a comprehensive community-building initiative of Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund, WayUp supports the health, welfare and rising level of sustainable prosperity for children and families in the community.

Economic development and neighborhood revitalization are long and difficult processes. Sustainable success requires integrated support in specific areas. WayUp has three primary initiatives to advance this kind of success: workforce development through the MedZone, academic enrichment through Oak Park Smart, and social entrepreneurship and health and well-being through the Urban Agriculture Center.


Through the intentional execution of a strategy that integrates the fundamental aspects of healthy living and healthy communities, WayUp’s programs target five specific areas: education (WaySmart), health and health access (WayFit), housing (WayHome), employment (WaytoWork), and nutrition (WayFresh). Rather than developing programs that individually address each of the five areas, the key to WayUp’s success is the integration of strategies across all five areas, and in particular, ensuring that when significant growth occurs in one area, the new strategies align and compliment efforts in the other four areas.


The importance of the GearUp to raise necessary funds for WayUp cannot be overstated. WayUp is excited to be a part of GearUp again for 2017, along with it’s partnership with FutureReady. The combined effort and energy from both entities make GearUp a special day on the bike with a long-lasting positive impact on the community. WayUp looks forward to riding with everyone, along with sharing a post-ride meal.

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